August Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the meeting – August 27, 2012

Portage Mutual – St. Catharines, ON – 4:30PM 


Call to order: 4:37 pm – In attendance: Katie Cookney, Chaussie Lawson, Shannon Convery, Julie Boyse, Craig Ozog, Jeff Edge


Not in Attendance: Jason Williams, Mike Ragona


President’s comments – Katie Cookney:  Thank you all for coming. Looking forward to a great year! Welcome to our new director Craig Ozog and chapter delegate Jeff Edge!


Minutes-        Moved:          Seconded:


Matter arising from minutes: No minutes were completed. No report.


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance: $35,244.93 – Conference Account $37,475.38


Cheques Written:   None.


Delegates Report – Jeff Edge:   Attended a provincial executive meeting August 8, 2012. At the time of each provincial executive meeting, chapter delegates are to report to the provincial executive the following:

•           Current bank balances

•           Current value of investments

•           Status of executive and their roles

•           Current events, innovations, opportunities

•           Status of membership in our area

•           Success or non-success of our events, chapter

•           Overall state of the chapter


Provincial executive and the WP committee are always looking for pictures from local chapter events, meetings or just day to day work environment. Send along any pictures to me-I will send them along to to the WP committee


WP committee always looking for articles to include, doesn’t necessarily have to be just for our chapter spotlight. Articles are always welcome at any time


Niagara chapter spotlight in the WP is May 2013. Deadline for photographs, cover photo, article submission is March 10, 2013


Need to provide notice of our meetings, events etc. to Jennifer Graham to post  in WP-preferably two months in advance  Once meeting chairs have the details of their meetings set – date, time, location etc – let me know so I can pass along.


Will not be a provincial conference-out of town-meeting – for 2014.  Next one will be 2015 – joint Georgian Bay and Northern Chapter.


Provincial executive would like our chapter to know that it is not about hosting a provincial conference to out do previous conferences. It is about showcasing our chapter. Feel free to be innovative, creative etc.   Put our own flair to it. Main thing is educational component-this is a must-otherwise make the event a showcase of our chapter and our area


Steve DelGreco the provincial executive president cannot make our golf tournament due to other commitments; he will attend other events of ours though


Provincial will be establishing an OIAA online store for marketing material, they encourage chapters to order from the site online store to promote OIAA. No markup, no intent to make any profit, only intent is to promote OIAA


Provincial is developing an OIAA Facebook page which is about to be put active


Provincial would like to run a series of question and answer sessions with insurers in order to improve brand awareness of OIAA. Either the chapter delegate or president would be involved in a question and answer session with Provincial president and vice President


Provincial will require our chapter president or other senior position executive member to attend the February claims conference and would also prefer to have a representative from our chapter attend the October meeting and past presidents night on October 10.


In response to some areas seeing declining interest, attendance etc., provincial are considering developing a strategic plan committee in order to determine where OIAA as a whole is headed, their goals, etc. They wish to establish what the value of membership is


Dates to keep in mind

October 10, 2012, past presidents night, the King Edward Hotel, downtown Toronto

December 12, 2012 at 12 noon-Christmas party-the Westin Harbour Castle Toronto

February 5th and 6th , 2013. The 2013 claims conference metro Toronto convention center



Newsletter:  The newsletter will be sent out on the following dates:

September 10, 2012

October 15, 2012

November 12, 2012

December 17, 2012

January 14, 2013

February 18, 2013

March 18, 2013

April, 15, 2013

May 20, 2013


If there is anything to go into the newsletter please send all updates to Julie at least 3 days prior to release of the newsletter.


Website: website is up and running. Julie is currently updating the site and is adding photos.


Golf Tournament September 21, 2012: Tournament is at Sparrow Lakes again this year. Chaussie reports there are 166 golfers, 13 dinner only, 32 signs. A further 2 specialty hole sponsorships are needed.


October meeting: Meeting for 2012 will be October 24, 2012. Chaussie and Katie will run meeting. Speaker will be Jeff Edge and venue is to be decided.  


Past President’s night: Meeting will be on November 28, 2012. Event will be run by Chaussie Lawson. Venue and speaker to be decided.


Christmas party:  Function is normally run by Ian, as Ian will no longer be chapter delegate, Katie will be taking over this task. Meeting to be held on December 19th 2012. We will be keeping the xmas party at Lina’s. We have a lot of work coming up with the Conference and do not think it is a good time to change the venue.


Curling – 2012: No report. Curling will be January 18, 2013. Mike Ragona will run event.


February meeting:  No report. Meeting will be on February 27, 2013. Event will be taken care of by Mike Ragona and our new director Craig Ozog. Mike will follow up with Dawn Elliot to confirm which month the joint seminar will be held.


March meeting:  No report. Meeting will be on March 27, 2013. Shannon Convery will run event.


April meeting: No report. No meeting will be held in April 2013 due to the Niagara Conference in May 2013.


May/June meeting elections 2012: Elections will be held June 12, 2012.


Insurance Institute – 2012/13:. August 29, 2012 – annual volleyball tournament


Membership – 2012/13 –Julie has added several new members recently.  


Donations – 2012/13 – No report.


OIAA Hamilton 2012/13– No report.


By-laws: No Report


Old Business:  No Report – no outstanding issues


New Business: –    

–       Decided not to use PayPal for dinner meetings due to extra fees. Will continue to allow registration through the website but will have to bring cheque or cash the day of the meeting.



Provincial Conference 2013 – Niagara – Next meeting is September 17, 2012. Tradeshow is 85% sold out! Have approximately $13,000 in sponsorship. Craig will get the OIAA Niagara Conference banners from Ian. We will put these banners up at all our events to promote the conference.


Future Meetings: Next executive is September 26, 2012 at 4:30pm – Portage’s office.




Time: 6:10pm  Moved: Chaussie Lawson Seconded: Jeff Edge 
















Please be sure to email all your meeting updates to Chaussie Lawson prior to each meeting.


2012 – 2013 Niagara Executive Team


President:                 Katie Cookney



Vice President:       Chaussie Lawson



Treasurer:                Shannon Convery



Secretary:                 Mike Ragona



Directors:                 Julie Boyse



                                    Craig Ozog



Past President:       Jason Williams



Chapter Delegate:  Jeff Edge